Ride Hailing

Your hyperlocal routing solutions to optimise transportation with the power of AI. Expand in the next billion markets with our total mapping solutions.

Hyperlocal Routing

Accurate ETAs

Incorporate minutest details in your ride hailing solution to elevate user experience with better, reliable and accurate ETAs.

Reliable Routing

Navigate easily and swiftly by bringing hyperlocal nuances like road restrictions, live update on traffic and or any sudden change.

Optimise cost

Optimised Routes

Fastest and best approach routes according to mode of transport utilised

Multi pick and multi drop

Flexibility & agility to be able to handle multi pick and multi drop ensure riders reaching on time

Analyse key metrics

Deep insights

Get a better control of your business with relevant analytics to turbocharge growth. Choose insights led decisions to accelerate your business.

Powerful visualisation

Visualise and analyse the business problem from 360 degree to get solution with our expertise.


Maximum Accuracy

The mix of AI with human intervention ensures that the results are relevant, verified and accurate.

Cost Optimisation

Get access to cutting edge technology with the advantage of pricing that matches your requirement.

Increased efficiency

With AI and ML combined with human intelligence, get relevant results for better decision making

Better Experiences

Focused on seamless experience for our customers. Ability to personalize for wow experience

Ease of Use

Solutions that can be deployed without cumbersome processes while ensuring data privacy and security.

Maps APIs reimagined

Better accuracy and customized for your business, experience the magic and power of intutitive and intelligent geospatial AI solutions. Leverage our expertise to reach the next billion users.

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