Unlock the intelligence hidden in your data

NextBillion Maps uses advanced AI to predict the route most likely to be taken by your driver and the corresponding ETAs.

Not all vehicles and drivers are the same


Ride-hailing, devilery

Cars and Vans

Taxi and pickup trucks

Buses and Trucks

Logistics, Public transport

Our APIs are tailored to the uniqueness of your business. We use AI to learn local conditions, unstructured addresses, varied vehicle types and unique driving behaviours.

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Routes and Navigation

Snap to closest roads

High footfall landmarks

Distance matrix calculation

Map data curation

Analyse key metrics

Deep insights

Get a better control of your business with relevant analytics to turbocharge growth. Choose insights led decisions to accelerate your business.

Powerful visualisation

Visualise and analyse the business problem from 360 degree to get solution with our expertise.

Maps APIs reimagined

Better accuracy and customized for your business, experience the magic and power of intutitive and intelligent geospatial AI solutions. Leverage our expertise to reach the next billion users.

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